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This powerful photo of a woman harvesting in a field and carrying what she has gathered on her head is framed by the Institute for Sustainable Development graphic element of a circle and two empty spaces that represent the tilt of the earth' axis at 23.5 degrees.

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The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) is an independent think tank that promotes human development and environmental sustainability. IISD champions policy solutions to challenges such as climate resilience, gender equity, and implementation of the Global Goals. As IISD renewed its strategic direction, we led them through a rebrand to better align their communications with their mission.

We began by auditing IISD’s existing branded materials and surveying key staff and board members to understand the challenges and opportunities of communicating what IISD does. We then designed a new visual identity based on a globe, reflecting IISD’s commitment to advancing a bold global shift toward sustainability. It weaves together stories, data, and immersive photography to highlight examples of human resilience. We equipped IISD with this robust visual identity system, publication templates and brand guidelines capable of supporting their work in nearly 100 countries. Following the roll-out of the rebrand, we published a suite of marketing brochures, annual reports, infographics, videos, and websites.

The new visual identity and subsequent materials have enhanced IISD’s international profile, and helped them to more effectively communicate their impact in improving livelihoods around the world.

» Annual Report 2014/2015
» Annual Report 2015/2016

A dynamic animation for an IISD event. A blue card slides in from the left over an image of Bonn, Germany's cityscape. The card contains IISD's logo and event information.

“Our greatest developmental and environmental challenges are connected. Food security cannot be divorced from ecological degradation. Political instability is linked to climate-related stresses on our natural environments. These complex sets of interrelated problems demand integrative and multi-disciplinary solutions.”