More Than Transit

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with Transit Windsor for integrated mobility


Transit Windsor


Dillon Consulting

Contextual photos by Gabrielle Smith

Across the river from Detroit in Windsor, Ontario, Transit Windsor undertook a comprehensive review of the public transit service to identify how to better serve the changing needs of the growing city, considering the system’s route network, ridership, mission, performance targets, and brand.

While Dillon Consulting led the technical study including stakeholder interviews and community surveys, we were responsible for communications to support public engagement efforts, inviting Windsorites to share their thoughts on the future of their city and their transportation. We looked at how the transit system can better connect people to school, work, services, family, and more.

In the context of a city where transit only has 4% of the transportation mode share, it was important for the campaign to appeal to both transit users and non-users alike. We developed a project name and messaging, naming it “More Than Transit” and writing a series of messages that speak to the notion of integrated mobility – that transit is about more than getting from point A to B. Transit can help foster economic development, environmental sustainability, and social equity. Building on the project name, we developed a graphic look and feel that brings a credible and consistent voice to the project and that highlights the purpose of the study with the tagline: “Shape transit. Shape our city.” To echo the idea of shaping, we used geometric forms derived from the existing Transit Windsor logo, and combined these shapes with bold, dynamic typography to communicate a sense of movement and growth in a city with a bright future.

We rolled out the advertising campaign across the bus system, at pop-up events across the City, and on social media. The ads informed the public about the opportunity to give input, driving visitors to the website to complete an online survey. Over the course of a month, over 2,000 respondents completed the online survey, generating an unprecedented amount of community feedback to inform Transit Windsor’s new master plan which was ultimately approved by City Council. We also facilitated stakeholder workshops and completed an in-depth analysis of Transit Windsor’s brand, providing recommendations for the future of the brand and marketing strategies.

“Transit Windsor supports the growth of a liveable and sustainable community by providing a reliable, safe and convenient mobility service option that is accessible to all.”