Bike Month

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with Cycle Toronto for a bike-friendly region


Cycle Toronto


Cyclist photos by Bokeh Photography

Bike Month is an annual celebration of cycling in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area and Guelph, Ontario. Featuring hundreds of community events, such as Bike To Work Day rides, that bring people together all month long, Bike Month aims to increase awareness and promote cycling as an integral part of the regional transportation network.

We worked with Cycle Toronto and the Bike Month Advisory Committee to develop a new brand for Bike Month and its sub-campaign, Bike To School Week. We created a modular set of logos, icons, and graphic elements to serve both campaigns over three distinct years. To appeal to riders of all ages and experience levels, we designed a campaign that evokes the feelings of joy and discovery associated with riding a bike. In the logos, solid letter ‘O’s imply the two wheels of a bicycle. A larger circle is used throughout the graphic system as a focal point that combines different types of bikes with line patterns, communicating a sense of movement and play.

The campaign is rolled out across a variety of promotional materials including posters, postcards, t-shirts, stickers, social media, and the website. A flexible system allows local organizers to customize pieces with content specific to their municipality while remaining consistent and building recognition across the region. Over the three years, the visual system uses a palette of springtime colours with one colour emphasized each year.

Bike Month celebrates cycling locally in each city, while also building a unified campaign to grow cycling culture across southern Ontario. The campaign aspires to attract riders of all stripes—specifically encouraging occasional cyclists to bike more often—and to generate excitement around Bike Month events, promoting cycling and community-building.